Teknik Yapı applied for public offering

public offering

Teknik Yapı made its application to the Capital Markets Board for public offering.

Teknik Yapı has made an official application for public offering. According to the draft prospectus submitted to the Capital Markets Board, during the public offering process of the company, a capital increase of 45 million 500 thousand TL will be made and 10 million lots of common shares will be sold, thus a total public offering of 51 million 500 thousand TL will be realized.

During the IPO process, equal opportunities will be offered to individual investors and the free float rate was set at 30.03 percent. This step is considered as part of the company’s financial growth and expansion strategy. The performance of the company and the demand for shares will be closely monitored in the later stages of the IPO process.

Tera Yatırım will be the consortium leader in the public offering process of Teknik Yapı.

Company officials announced the areas where the fund will be used. Accordingly, 40% will be allocated for the financing of existing and new projects, 40% for the repayment of loan debts and 20% as working capital.

Source: Money Situation

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