The American car manufacturer Alef has obtained approval for a flying car

The American car manufacturer Alef has announced that its vehicle named Model A, which can move both on land and in the air, has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States. The car, touted to “end traffic accidents,” has been priced at $258,529 (approximately 8 million Turkish lira).

According to NTV’s news, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States has granted legal permission to manufacturers of a special car that can transition from road to air.

California-based Alef Aeronautics has stated that its fully electric, two-seater vehicle named Model A has the potential to prevent traffic accidents. The company announced that it has obtained a limited Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA, allowing it to continue testing the Model A successfully.

Additionally, Alef has been testing the full-scale prototype of the Model A since 2019, and this news is being regarded as a significant step forward for flying vehicles. The flying car features a unique rotating tilt-rotor cabin design that ensures stability during vertical takeoff and landing.

Alef CEO Jim Dukhovny stated that the Model A is fully electric and capable of traveling on public roads, emphasizing its ability to perform vertical takeoff and landing. The vehicle is designed to have a range of 320 kilometers on land and 177 kilometers in the air.

Dukhovny also mentioned that the FAA is working on policies specifically for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. However, he noted that their special certificate is currently limited, and it designates specific locations where the vehicle is permitted to fly.

On the other hand, Alef’s CEO mentioned that pre-orders for the Model A are still ongoing. He stated that the vehicle is classified as a Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) in most states and will be subject to local legal restrictions as a result.

Lastly, Dukhovny expressed that with the certification obtained from the FAA, they are getting closer to providing people with environmentally friendly and fast transportation options. He said, “Alef will save people and businesses hours every week.”

Alef has announced that the Model A is available for sale at a price of $298,520 (approximately 8 million Turkish lira), with deliveries set to begin in 2025.

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