The engineering marvel of the Urartians the 2,800-year-old “Monk Lake” is drying

The engineering marvel of the Urartians the 2,800-year-old "Monk Lake" is drying

Keşiş Lake in Van, which was built by the Urartian King 2,800 years ago, has been adversely affected by drought. When the expected rain showed, the water level of the lake decreased, and most of it dried up.

Urartian King II. Built by Rusa and one of the oldest ponds in the world, Turna (Keşiş) Lake at an altitude of 2 thousand 545 has dried up due to the hot weather and drought that have been effective in recent years.

Expressing that there are many large and small lakes in the basin, Van YYU Faculty of Letters, Geography Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Faruk Alaeddinoğlu said, “One of them is Turna (Monk) Lake.

Turna Lake is a very special lake, it is used both for summer resorts and for the agricultural activities of the people living in the region. In other words, it is a lake where irrigation water needs are met.

However, it was a bit sad to witness that level drop in the lake during the fieldwork about a few days ago. Because we thought that the precipitation, which we did not expect, that is seen in the whole basin, will be reflected there, and that level change in the lake was sad.

Stating that the region is largely devoid of snowfall, Alaeddinoğlu said, “Because there are no high mountain areas in this region. Therefore, snowfall does not occur. Therefore, the expected precipitation did not occur.” said.

Stating that a solution should be found against drought, Alaeddinoğlu continued his words as follows:

“Especially in the area where dams have been built for the water needed by the people in the region, the water level has dropped below those dams at the moment. In other words, the villagers cannot meet their needs in the lake, unfortunately. This decline will continue because there are no new water sources feeding the area. The water sources will decrease gradually after this time. Evaporation will also increase water loss.”

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