The fish species that breathes on land discovered in Bolivia

The fish species that breathes on land was discovered in Bolivia

Scientists in Bolivia have announced the discovery of a new fish species. According to a report in the national press, researcher Heinz Arno Drawert discovered the new fish species, which voluntarily came out of the water, stayed outside for hours, and continued to breathe.

Drawert, who has been conducting comprehensive research on fish species for many years, stated, “This peculiar fish reaches about five centimeters in length, has a greenish lead-colored body, and has colorful spots and patterns. It lives in specific and temporary water ecosystems in the forest.”

Researcher Drawert emphasized the need to protect the newly discovered fish species, pointing out that it has the ability to voluntarily leave the water. Drawert stated, “The eggs can withstand drought conditions; they bury them in the bottom of puddles, mud, and soil. The eggs remain unharmed, and this adaptability of the eggs is one of the fundamental characteristics of this fish.”

Furthermore, Drawert highlighted the significant expansion of the fish species in its habitat over the past 20 to 30 years. Drawert mentioned, “A large portion of their habitat is no longer available, and we can easily say that 60 to 70 percent of their natural habitat is gone.”

One common example of fish that live on land is the Betta fish, which is popular in aquariums. Betta fish can partially live on land because they have a labyrinth organ that allows them to use atmospheric air for respiration in addition to their gills. Other examples include mudskippers and walking catfish.

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