The Istanbul police seized a 500-year-old Bible and Torah

The Istanbul police seized a 500-year-old Bible and Torah

The Istanbul Police seized a 500-year-old Bible, Torah, and a large number of coins from various periods in a operation they conducted.

he Istanbul Security Directorate’s Anti-Smuggling Division carried out an operation targeting suspects who were attempting to sell historical artifacts clandestinely in the country.

Within the past month, operations were conducted in Esenler, Esenyurt, Sancaktepe, Bağcılar, Sultangazi, Fatih, Kartal, and Ümraniye, resulting in the arrest of 5 suspects involved in historical artifact smuggling.

During the searches conducted at the suspects’ addresses, 4,233 silver and bronze coins of various sizes and periods believed to be from the Greek, Roman, and Ottoman Empires were found, as well as arrowheads, Bibles featuring figures of Jesus and Mary believed to be from the 2nd, 15th, and 16th centuries with Hebrew inscriptions, kaftans believed to be from the Late Ottoman and Early Republican periods, officer swords, pistols with mother-of-pearl inlays, and swords. The arrested suspects, a total of 5 individuals, are facing legal proceedings for “violating the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets (No. 2863).” The suspects’ processing at the police station is ongoing.

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