The monthly survey of Türk-İş revealed that the poverty threshold has exceeded the minimum wage

the poverty threshold

According to Türk-İş’s monthly research, the poverty threshold has surpassed the minimum wage.

According to the Confederation’s research on the poverty and hunger threshold for the month of July, the required monthly food expenditure for a four-person family living in Ankara to be able to have a healthy, balanced, and sufficient diet, commonly known as the hunger threshold, has risen to 11,658 TL.

The total amount of necessary monthly expenses for food, clothing, housing (rent, electricity, water, fuel), transportation, education, healthcare, and other essential needs, known as the poverty threshold, has increased to 37,974 TL.

The cost of living for a single employed person has reached 15,123 TL.

The research also showed an increase in inflation in the food sector, with a monthly increase of 12.38% in the required minimum expenditure for food for a four-person family living in Ankara compared to the previous month. This marks the first time since May 2022 that a double-digit increase has been recorded.

The seven-month change rate was determined to be 43.38%.

The annual inflation rate for food during the same period was 70.44%.

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