The public offering size of Tureks Turunc was 647 million Turkish Lira

Tureks Turunc

The results of the public offering for Tureks Turunc Mining, held on November 2-3, have been disclosed. The size of the initial public offering (IPO) for Tureks Turunc Mining was 647 million Turkish Lira.

According to the disclosure made by Tacirler Investment on the Public Disclosure Platform, the subscription process for the IPO, which took place between November 2-3, 2023, using the fixed price method, had a unit price set at 10.97 Turkish Lira.

As per the data shared by the Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), considering the total unfiltered data in the public offering, 2.9 million order entries were made for 58.9 million shares with a nominal value, which was put up for sale, equivalent to 1.81 times the amount offered.

After eliminating duplicate entries, a total demand of 104.8 million Turkish Lira in nominal value was obtained from 2.8 million investors. This demand was then considered for the allocation, resulting in the sale of 58.9 million Turkish Lira in nominal value shares to these investors.

In the statement from Tacirler Investment, it was mentioned that 99.8% of the offered shares were distributed to domestic individual investors, while 0.2% were allocated to international individual investors.

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