The simple interest rate increased by 40% in the 11-month Treasury bill auction of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance

The Treasury and Finance Ministry’s 11-month Treasury bill auction occurred with a simple interest rate of 39.62 percent.

In the 11-month Treasury bill auction of the Treasury and Finance Ministry, a net sale of 1.15 billion TL was realized against bids amounting to 6.56 billion TL.

For the 11-month maturity bill, a simple interest rate of 39.62% and a compound interest rate of 40.03% were established. In the auction for the 4-year maturity TLREF-indexed bond, a net sale of 9.34 billion TL was made against bids worth 23 billion TL. The periodic interest rate for the 4-year TLREF-indexed bond was set at 7.94%.

Prior to the Treasury auction, the Treasury conducted sales of 8.1 billion TL on the two bonds.

The Treasury and Finance Ministry borrowed 8.1 billion TL from market makers before the reissue of the 11-month coupon-free bond and the 4-year TLREF-indexed government bond with a quarterly coupon payment.

In the reissue of the 11-month coupon-free bond, market makers submitted bids of 161 million TL, with a sales amount of 100 million TL.

For the reissue of the 4-year TLREF-indexed bond, market makers offered bids of 12.2 billion TL, resulting in sales of 8 billion TL.

The Treasury did not conduct public sales for the two bonds before the auction.”

Source BloombergHT

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