The T925 General Purpose Helicopter, Turkey’s new helicopter, was showcased for the first time at the Paris Airshow

The T925 General Purpose Helicopter

The T925 General Purpose Helicopter, developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), was showcased for the first time at the Paris Airshow.

The T925 General Purpose Helicopter, which the company has been working on for a while, was introduced for the first time at the fair.

Temel Kotil, the CEO of TAI, stated in an interview with AA that the GÖKBEY helicopter is their first original product in the “general purpose” class, and he referred to the newly showcased product as the “General Purpose-2″ helicopter.”

Kotil explained that the GÖKBEY helicopter operates in the 6-ton class and has a capacity of 12 people. He provided the following information about the features of the new helicopter:

“The T925 General Purpose Helicopter can accommodate up to 20 people. It can transport 18 Navy personnel to the shore. Therefore, there is a need for a larger helicopter than GÖKBEY. That’s why we took into account the needs of the Navy when designing the helicopter. Our helicopter can land on our aircraft carrier TCG ANADOLU, and its blades are foldable.

Photo: AA

We have signed a contract with the Presidency of Defense Industries and the General Directorate of Forestry. We are producing 8 helicopters for them. It can carry 4 tons of water. Therefore, it will be operational against forest fires in 2026. In 2025, our ATAK-2 will be in service. We will deliver 3 ATAK-2 helicopters to the Land Forces. They will be delivered a year later. The General Purpose-2 helicopter utilizes the power system of the ATAK-2 helicopter. The engine comes from Ukraine, using the same engine, transmission, blades, and controls from there. That’s why it follows the ATAK-2 by one year.

ASELSAN developed the avionics for the GÖKBEY helicopter, and we are integrating those avionics into this helicopter. It doesn’t have a name yet; hopefully, our President will give it when it flies. With all our helicopters, we create a spectrum. We can meet the helicopter needs of any country or force. That’s why the importance of our new helicopter is very high. When we finish this, we will complete the spectrum. We will have two ATAK helicopters and two general purpose helicopters. We will be able to meet the needs of the Land, Air, and Naval Forces, the gendarmerie, the police, and fulfill civilian requirements. In addition to that, we will be able to meet the needs of any country. So, the picture will be complete, and you are currently seeing the last piece of the picture.”

Regarding the question about the helicopter’s first flight, Kotil replied, “We will have the first flight in one year. The delivery of the ATAK-2 was scheduled for 2025, and the delivery of this one will be in 2026.”

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