The transit fees for ships using the Turkish Straits increased

Turkish straits

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that the transit fee previously charged at $0.80 per net ton for ships using the Turkish Straits will now be charged at $4.42.

Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated in a written statement that the fees for ships passing through the Turkish Straits without calling at any port have been reorganized.

Last year, they introduced an increase in fees that would boost foreign currency inflow to the country through the straits for the first time in 39 years, starting from July 1. Uraloğlu shared the information that “With the new price update, international ships will pass through the Turkish Straits at increased rates based on the newly determined figures.”

Minister Uraloğlu emphasized that the rules set forth in the Montreux Convention regarding the straits’ transit fees are being applied and made the following statements:

“From 1983 until October 7, 2022, international ships passing through the straits were charged $0.8063 per net ton. After 39 years, on October 7, 2022, through a Presidential Decree, we updated these fees and increased the fee per net ton to $4.08. We are now updating this fee to $4.42 from July 1, 2023.”

Minister Uraloğlu reminded that according to the Montreux Convention, fees are collected from ships passing through the Turkish Straits without calling at any port based on three categories: health inspection, lighthouse, and rescue services. He stated, “In the calculation of fees, the net tonnage (NRT) of ships is taken into account, and the ‘golden frank’ is used as the unit. Until last year, these prices remained fixed. With the Presidential Decree, we will now update these prices annually.”

Minister Uraloğlu also provided an example to illustrate the price update and stated:

“When we consider a ship with a net tonnage of 10,000, before October 7, 2022, the ship paid a total fee of $3,240 for lighthouse, rescue, and health services. This fee increased to $16,393 with the first price adjustment made in October 2022. With the new tariff that will be implemented on July 1, a 10,000-ton net tonnage ship will have to pay $17,760. With this increase, we are taking a historic step to boost foreign currency inflow.”

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