The Turkish tourism sector aims to break records in the summer season of 2023

The Turkish tourism sector aims to break records in the summer season of 2023

The tourist mobility that started with the closure of schools is exceeding expectations. The first days of the summer season in 2023 reached a record level of domestic and international tourist activity.

As always, Antalya, which holds a leading position in beach and sun tourism in Turkey, is becoming the most preferred location this year as well.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated, “Antalya is a very important city. It is not only significant in agriculture but also known as the capital of tourism. Looking at the past figures as well as last year’s and this year’s numbers, Antalya is our city with the highest number of overnight stays and tourism revenue. Our priority goal is to further increase and enhance Antalya’s success. It is crucial to spread tourism and tourism revenues throughout the year, not just during the tourist season but also during the off-season. To achieve this, we need to highlight the historical sites and archaeological treasures of our city. Therefore, we have increased our efforts in this regard. As you know, we previously initiated the Side project last year. Later, we included Kemer. Now we will visit the ancient city of Syedra here. Hopefully, we plan to start a very intensive and rapid work there starting this week.”

“Daily entry of 100,000 foreign tourists is being realized”

Ersoy mentioned that approximately 100,000 foreign tourists enter Antalya’s airports on a daily basis and said, “We will continue to increase this number. Our colleagues gave a briefing on the needs of Antalya, and I have taken notes. As you know, we will carry out the tender for the Antalya-Alanya highway. Until this is realized, we need to make some improvements on the existing road to ease the process. They also discussed the issues regarding wastewater treatment, which falls under the responsibility of the metropolitan municipality. Previously, we took over the responsibility for the wastewater treatment in the Belek region from the metropolitan municipality, and now we have started a similar project for Kemer. We laid the foundation at the end of last year. By the end of this year, we will have solved the wastewater problems in Kemer as well. Our colleagues also mentioned the needs of Alanya, regardless of whether the authority lies with us or not. We will conduct the necessary work regarding these issues and identify the areas that require attention. We will provide solutions to them quickly.”

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