The United Arab Emirates is planning to invest in the Turkish defense industry

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will explore investment opportunities in various fields, particularly the Turkish defense industry.

A large delegation from the UAE, including ministry representatives, organized two extensive meetings with Turkish officials during their visit to Turkey.

During the meetings held in Ankara over the past two days, relevant ministries shared their investment program with the delegation from the UAE. Emphasis was placed on increasing trade between the two countries through infrastructure projects such as renewable energy, defense industry, metro, high-speed train, and other related areas.

According to Hürriyet’s news report, it is projected that the meetings anticipate an investment of 25-30 billion dollars from the UAE to Turkey. It is also stated that the goal is to increase Turkey’s exports from 5 billion dollars to 10 billion dollars. Furthermore, it is expected that the defense industry will be prominently featured in the investment activities.

Turkish defense industry companies had a record participation in the IDEX’23 Defense Industry Exhibition held in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, in February 2023. During the exhibition, agreements were signed for the export of various products such as UAVs (SİHA), smart ammunition, armored vehicles, and pan-tilt systems. Additionally, Turkey and the UAE will collaborate on the development of joint precision-guided munitions.

According to the information obtained by, the UAE is also closely interested in procuring attack helicopters from Turkey.

During the IDEX’23 exhibition, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Roketsan and Tawazun, the umbrella organization of the defense industry sector in the UAE. Under the scope of the MoU, Tawazun Council and Roketsan will continue to work in close collaboration to provide the latest technologies and competitive system solutions to the UAE.

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