There is a significant increase in the usage volume of the TROY debit card


The usage volume of the domestic card TROY, developed by the Interbank Card Center (BKM), increased by approximately 57% in October compared to the previous month, reaching 47.9 billion Turkish Liras. The company’s announcement shared the monthly transaction volumes for 2023 related to the domestic card TROY, whose technology was developed in Turkey.

In the announcement, it was mentioned that the total amount of purchases made in October with TROY-branded credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards increased by around 57%, rising from 30.5 billion Turkish Liras to 47.9 billion Turkish Liras compared to the previous month. It was also noted that the user count reached 19 million.

The mentioned increase is attributed, in part, to the “boycott of brands supporting Israel and the inclination towards domestic products.” Following the escalation of the Israel-Palestine conflict that began on October 7, global and domestic decisions to boycott Israeli products emerged due to Israel’s alleged commission of war crimes and increased attacks on civilian areas.

Source: AA

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