Threads Get Web Version in Coming Weeks

Threads Get Web Version in Coming Weeks

The Threads platform, which Meta brought to users on a text-based basis, could only be accessed from iOS and Anroid devices. It has been announced that the platform’s website will be launched in a few weeks.

Users could only access the Threads platform, which Meta launched as a competitor to X, on iOS and Android devices.

It is stated that Threads users will soon have one of the most requested features for the text-based social network.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that in the next few weeks, Threads will get both a web version that people can use to access the service from the desktop, and a convenient search functionality.

While Threads posts are currently available to view on the desktop, clicking the reply, repost, like and submit buttons is only available with the app.

When we want to do these actions, a QR code appears that directs the mobile application.

On the other hand, the news pointed to the next few weeks for the web version of Threads. Thus, users will not have to access the social network only from iOS and Android devices.

Senior officials of the company made statements that the Threads team is working on these features, and a chronological stream and embedded translations were published in the past weeks.

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