TÜİK announced the inflation rate for the month of June


TÜİK announced the inflation data for the month of June. Inflation increased by 3.92 percent on a monthly basis in June, based on consumer prices.

After consumer prices increased by 3.92 percent on a monthly basis, the annual inflation rate decreased from 39.59 percent to 38.21 percent.

While economists were expecting a monthly increase of 3.91 percent, it was projected that the annual CPI would decrease to 38.2 percent.

The eagerly awaited 6-month inflation rate for civil servants increased by 19.77 percent.

Core inflation rose from 46.62 percent to 47.33 percent.

Producer prices (PPI) increased by 6.50 percent on a monthly basis and showed an annual increase of 40.42 percent.

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