Turkey aims to rank in the top 3 in the world in terms of the number of tourists in 2028

In 2028, Turkey aims to rank in the top 3 in the world in terms of the number of tourists and to generate 100 billion dollars in revenues.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy announced Turkey’s 2028 target at the Sector Evaluation Meeting with Tourism and Hotel Operators held at Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ersoy said that the sector achieved the best figures in Turkey’s history with 56.7 million visitors and 54.3 million dollars in tourism last month, “Antalya and Alanya have a big share in the cake here. Antalya hosted 16 million tourists last year and earned the highest income.”

Ersoy said that they are looking to 2024 with hope and added, “We have a target of 60 million visitors and 60 billion dollars. We expect Antalya to reach 17.5 million. We will reach these targets as a sector by working together.”

Stating that the Ministry has also implemented treatment plants and public beaches projects, Ersoy emphasized that they have opened two treatment plants and 15 public beaches in Antalya in the last five years.

Underlining that the most important issue in tourism is that all stakeholders of the city benefit from the incoming tourists, Ersoy said:

“Last semester, we prepared a study to ensure that the incoming tourist is not trapped in the hotel, but meets with the tradesmen. We have increased archaeological studies to 12 months. In the past, there were short-term studies of 45-60 days and it took years. We are currently preparing our excavation program and excavation points for 12 months within the scope of the ‘Heritage for the Future Project’ at 172 excavation points. In this sense, we have set a very ambitious target. In the next four years, we will realize the number of excavations we have realized in the last 60 years. It means we will work 15 times more intensively on average. In the past, we used to excavate at one point, but now we are excavating at 15 points. Automatically, you can fit the work you did in 15 years into 1 year. This is not easy. You need to seriously support the excavation team. As the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we have increased the budgets incredibly. To give a simple figure, we increased our excavation budget from 36.7 million liras in 2019 to 1.1 billion last year. We have set this year’s figure as 6 billion liras.”

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