Turkey is preparing its national combat aircraft KAAN for its first flight


Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) announced that the national combat aircraft KAAN will be ready for flight in the coming days.

Speaking to AA, Temel Kotil, CEO of TUSAŞ, said: “KAAN will fly soon. We had a promise for 2023, but it didn’t quite coincide. It was just like this. We had a good year for the company, but it is impossible to forget Gaza. The looks of the innocents there are very impressive. Time will tell what Saladin Ayyubis will come out of there. As long as people are guided. Both those who do bad and those who do good do it to themselves. I hope we are among those who do good.”

Temel Kotil
TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil

Kotil said, “For children and babies, these 100 years are meaningful; we naturally do not see the end of 100 years. TAI entered this century with its infrastructure practically completed. All of our infrastructures required for the aerospace industry, such as wind tunnels, mechanical, lightning and bird strike test facilities, have been completed. Our human infrastructure has come a long way; we currently have 7 thousand engineers. We have 6 thousand technicians. In this respect, we are entering the new century with new courage. Our products are partially completed, ready for delivery and mass production. We expect KAAN to fly in the coming days. The new century will be exciting. This is a century in which a threshold is being crossed. Turks have always been successful in the Ottoman Empire, the Seljuks… We will hopefully see more of those successes in this century. I hope we will see Turkey as a country that does everything, does not need anyone, is economically strong, and extends its hand and support to all sides.”

Emphasizing that TUSAŞ has crossed a critical threshold with its activities, Kotil said that the indigenous GÖKBEY, HÜRJET, HÜRKUŞ, ATAK II platforms and the soon-to-fly KAAN are indicative of this.

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