Turkey kicks off SeaWolf-1 naval exercise in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean


The Turkish Naval Forces Command is conducting Exercise Denizkurdu-1 2024 in the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean.

The exercise started today and will continue until January 16.

At the press conference of the Denizkurdu-1 2024 exercise, Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces Command, Rear Adm. Kaan Türkkan said that the exercise aims to evaluate the operational command and control effectiveness of the naval commands, to increase the readiness levels of the participating elements and to improve the reasoning, foresight and decision-making capabilities of the headquarters personnel and participating units in an extremely challenging environment.

It is also an objective to test interoperability procedures between other force commands and government agencies.

Türkkan said eight frigates, three corvettes, 16 assault boats, seven submarines, six mine hunting ships, 47 auxiliary class ships, 13 patrol ships, nine landing ships, 10 aircraft, 17 helicopters, 22 unmanned aerial vehicles, five SAT task teams, five SAS task teams, amphibious marine infantry units, amphibious assault teams, Attack helicopters, utility helicopters, heavy-duty helicopters from the Land Forces Command, attack aircraft, airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, target towing aircraft, two search and rescue ships and six coast guard boats from the Coast Guard Command.

Türkkan also said that approximately 22,22 personnel from a public institution, including 17 surface ships, seven submarines, 000 airplanes, 110 helicopters and 34 unmanned aerial vehicles are planned to participate.

Port visits by 43 participating units covering the Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean coasts are also planned for January 10, Türkkan said.

Cover Photo: AA

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