Turkey ranked first among OECD countries in terms of struggling to make a living


After the new administration, which took over the economy with the May 28 elections, decided to return to orthodox policies, the subsequent tax increases have made people’s lives difficult in Turkey.

The worker, civil servant, and retired individuals who express that the increases in the minimum wage and pensions are eroded before they reach their hands are particularly complaining about the high costs of rent, food, and transportation.

Among OECD countries, parents who struggle the most to support their families are living in Turkey. According to research, more than 70% of families are worried about being unable to meet their basic needs. The high cost of living and economic challenges are putting significant pressure on families in Turkey, making it difficult for them to provide for their essential necessities.

According to a survey conducted by the OECD, due to high inflation, 9 out of 10 families living in member countries of the organization expressed concern about the cost of living and price increases.

Approximately 47% of families are worried about being unable to cover basic expenses, including food, household expenditures, energy, and debts.

Only 33% of the participants believe that their government’s assistance would be sufficient in the event of a possible economic crisis. Instead, they have more confidence in relying on their friends and families to overcome economic difficulties.

Furthermore, 73% of the families think that their governments should prioritize measures to combat the high cost of living.


Correct, the country with the highest percentage of people struggling to make ends meet among the surveyed countries is Turkey. Over 70% of families in Turkey express concerns about being unable to meet their basic needs, which is significantly higher than the OECD average of 47%.

Following Turkey, Chile and Mexico rank as the countries where parents feel the most burdened by financial struggles, making up the top three in the research.

On the other hand, families living in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland experience the least financial difficulties and have the fewest concerns about making ends meet. These countries are among the least affected by financial struggles compared to other surveyed nations.

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