Turkey receives a financing of 549 million dollars from the World Bank

The World Bank has announced the approval of a $549 million fund for Turkey with the aim of increasing the use of renewable energy in central government and municipal sectors. The newly approved project by the World Bank’s Executive Directors Board will assist in enhancing the use of renewable energy in public buildings in Turkey.

The $549 million Public and Municipal Renewable Energy Project will focus on central government and municipal facilities, supporting the widespread adoption of renewable energy in Turkey’s public sector.

Humberto Lopez, the World Bank Country Director for Turkey, stated in his announcement, “The use of renewable energy in public facilities can not only mitigate the impact of rising energy prices on municipalities’ energy bills but also help Turkey fulfill its climate commitments.”

Considering that the building sector is one of the largest energy consumers in the country and has a direct impact on citizens’ health and carbon emissions, the project is expected to provide numerous benefits to the economy and the environment.

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