Turkey’s national combat aircraft KAAN successfully made its first flight


The national combat aircraft ‘KAAN’ successfully made its first flight today. With KAAN, Turkey has taken its place among the countries with a 5th generation fighter jet.

KAAN, one of Turkey’s most important technology projects carried out by Turkish Aerospace Industries under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries, made its first flight.

Prior to the flight, KAAN completed ejection seat tests, full-length static tests, inertia and static tests of control surfaces, landing gear drop tests, avionic system tests in the system integration laboratory, fuel tests, and finally performed slow and fast taxi tests on the runway.

In the morning, KAAN took to the runway again at Mürted Airport, started its engine and took off for the first time.

Test pilot Barbaros Demirbaş sat in the pilot seat during KAAN’s first flight.

With the national combat aircraft KAAN, Turkey will be one of the five countries capable of producing aircraft at this level (5th Generation).

KAAN will be able to cooperate with platforms such as unmanned aerial vehicles, airborne warning and control, and other elements planned to be procured.

KAAN will be capable of air-to-air combat with new generation weapons and precision strikes from internal weapon mounts at supersonic speed, and will provide increased combat power with artificial intelligence and neural network support.

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