US Congressional review period on F-16 sale to Turkey expires

US Congressional review period on F-16 sale to Turkey expires

Following the US administration’s official notification to Congress on the sale of F-16s to Turkey on January 26, the legally prescribed 15-day review process was completed without any obstruction that would stop the sale.

As of yesterday, the important phase regarding the US F-16 sale to Turkey was completed and the review and objection process in Congress was overcome.

During the 15-day review and objection process, which began after the official notification sent by the US State Department to Congress on January 26, only the objection submitted by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to the Senate came to the agenda.

While the bill submitted by Paul was referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, no action was taken on the bill.

Thus, the 15-day period in Congress following the official notification of the US administration ended last night US time, and there is no obstacle to the start of the sale process between the relevant institutions in accordance with the US Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

According to the AECA, the deadline is 15 days for NATO member countries and 30 days for non-NATO countries.

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