With the ingestible perfume, toilets will now smell good

With the ingestible perfume, toilets will now smell good

Toilets will now smell good with an ingestible perfume made from roses grown in Edirne.

The head of the research team, Associate Professor Dr. Gülşah Gedik from Trakya University, said, “We were inspired by garlic. We observed that by taking four capsules daily, a very pleasant scent could be emitted.”

Associate Professor Dr. Gedik, who mentioned that they were greatly impressed by the rose-scented candy they encountered during their visit to Bulgaria as part of the project that started nine months ago, said, “Being in the form of candy, and considering the harmful effects of sugar on the body, we aimed to obtain more standardized formulas without sugar and food ingredients. In our research, we came across products in Korea and Japan as well. They were also claimed to be ingestible perfumes. We examined their structures.”

With the ingestible perfume, toilets will now smell good

Gedik emphasized that those products contained a significant amount of preservatives in terms of their chemical structure, and she stated, “We have reached the present day with the question of whether we can do better.”

Associate Professor Dr. Gedik, explaining the production process of the product, mentioned that they obtained an extract from roses and converted it into powder form using a spray dryer, which is contained within a capsule that allows the rose to emit its own aroma without using artificial materials.

With the ingestible perfume, toilets will now smell good

Gedik continued:

“Sometimes we coat it with polymer. We put it into capsules later to make it ingestible. The capsules emit a strong scent; this scent comes from the rose. The structure we were inspired by; when we eat garlic, the smell persists on our skin, and in the structure of the rose, there is an effect very similar to the effect of garlic due to geraniol. In our experiments, we observed that taking four capsules daily could provide a very pleasant scent. This product will never replace conventional perfumes. Some will like it, some won’t. Our product is different; we aimed for it to smell good not only on the body but also in bathrooms. It only contains natural rose. When you use this product, you’re essentially getting a concentrated form of rose.

Associate Professor Dr. Gülşah Gedik

Therefore, you also get other effects of the rose, such as anti-stress and antimicrobial properties. It may be preferred by those who do not want to use products containing alcohol for religious reasons. It may be preferred by the curious. But it’s not a product that can compete with the perfume industry. It’s a different product; a product with different purposes and dreams. Its structure is not just about smelling good. Apart from that, it could be a solution for other diseases such as inflammation and antibacterial properties. Especially a product that could support pain relief properties.”

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