Central Bank reserves declined last week

The total reserves of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) decreased by 831 million dollars to 130 billion 919 million dollars in the week of March 1 compared to the previous week.

CBRT’s weekly money and banking statistics were announced.

Accordingly, as of March 1, Central Bank gross foreign exchange reserves decreased by 1 billion 968 million dollars to 80 billion 511 million dollars. Gross foreign exchange reserves were 82 billion 479 million dollars on February 23.

In this period, gold reserves increased by 1 billion 137 million dollars from 49 billion 271 million dollars to 50 billion 408 million dollars.

The Central Bank’s total reserves decreased by $ 831 million in the week of March 1 compared to the previous week, from $ 131 billion 750 million to $ 130 billion 919 million.

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