Personal loan interest rates continue to break records

Personal loan interest

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) announced weekly money and banking statistics. According to the data announced, interest rates on general purpose loans continued to rise last week.

Accordingly, total deposits of the banking sector (including interbank deposits) decreased by 91 billion 793 million 722 thousand TL to 15 trillion 923 billion 158 million 372 thousand TL in the week ending March 29.

Personal loan interest rates, which broke a record last week, increased to 86.2 percent from 76 percent in the week ending March 22, renewing the previous week’s peak in the data history.

1-3 month TL deposit interest rates rose from 59.5 percent to 64.3 percent, while commercial loan rates rose from 62.7 percent to 66.3 percent.

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