The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has raised the ceiling price for air tickets

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation has increased the ceiling price of air tickets by 30 percent since 2013. Accordingly, the ceiling price for domestic flights increased to 3 thousand 250 TL.

The ceiling price, which was first introduced by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for domestic flights in 2013, has just been increased. With the new practice, the ceiling price for 85 percent of the aircraft was increased from 1,650 TL to 2,000 TL, and for the remaining 15 percent of the aircraft from 2,500 TL to 3,250 TL.

Following the decision, companies selling tickets on domestic flights made the necessary arrangements and reflected the increase to their prices. With the decision taken last year, the ticket price for the section up to 85 percent of the seat capacity of the aircraft was set at a maximum of 1,650 TL, and 2,500 TL for the remaining 15 percent.

Source: IHA

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