Threads app shut down in Turkey


Last month, the Competition Board issued a temporary injunction against META in the investigation launched on suspicion of abusing its dominant position by linking Threads and Instagram apps. In this context, Threads has been blocked in Turkey. Threads users will be able to freeze or completely delete their profiles without deleting them. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or other Meta services will not be affected.

In July 2023, Instagram’s Twitter (X) rival application Threads was launched. The application attracted attention by exceeding 100 million users in about 1 week. The Competition Authority imposed a daily administrative fine of 4.8 million TL in its investigation into Meta Platforms. At the last stage, the authorities decided to close Threads and explained its reasoning with the statements, “Within the framework of the current findings; It has been decided to apply a temporary measure to prevent data merging behavior that may occur as a result of the data transfer mechanism between Instagram and Threads.” Thus, the application was closed to access as of April 29.

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