Borusan aims to invest 63 billion liras


Borusan Group aims to close 2023 with a turnover of 182 billion liras and invest 63 billion liras until 2026.

According to the statement made by the company, Borusan Group, which was founded with İstikbal Ticaret, continues to create added value for the Turkish economy for 80 years with more than 14 thousand employees in 5 main fields of activity in 3 continents and 11 countries.

Borusan, which closed last year with a turnover of 182 billion liras, aims to invest 63 billion liras until 2026. Having achieved strong growth last year, Borusan closed 2023 with a turnover of 182 billion liras with 73 percent growth. While one of the most important steps of 2023 was realized in the field of energy, important collaborations were signed with a focus on establishing electric charging stations.

In addition, the Saros WPP facility was transformed into a hybrid facility and a 94 MW SPP investment process was initiated. In the pipe business line, Berg Pipe in the USA was acquired for 162 million dollars, while 16.9 percent of the shares of Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH, a partner of the pipe company, were acquired and the share was increased to 100 percent.

63 billion liras to be invested until 2026

In 2024, Borusan will continue its steady growth in the manufacturing, machinery and power systems, automotive, logistics and energy sectors in different markets around the world, especially in Turkey, focusing on volume growth and sustainable profit growth that will carry the organization forward by managing opportunities and risks well.

Borusan, which has defined its group strategy for the coming period under 3 main headings, will focus on transforming and developing core businesses, growing in adjacent areas and entering new areas, while using talent, digital transformation and sustainability as leverage in all these headings. Borusan, which has an investment plan of 63 billion TL until 2026, plans to invest 31.2 billion TL in production, 10.9 billion TL in automotive, 9.5 billion TL in energy, 6.1 billion TL in machinery and power systems, and 5.3 billion TL in logistics.

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