Erdoğan: We will transport the grains coming from the Black Sea corridor to African countries

President Erdoğan

After the Friday prayers, President Erdoğan responded to questions from journalists.

President Erdoğan stated that the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Turkey has not been finalized yet.

President Erdoğan addressed the question about the positioning of Turkey regarding the grain corridor initiative and its relations with Russia and France, stating the following:

“We are in line with Russia on this issue. We will convert the grains coming from Russia through the Black Sea corridor into flour in our country and transport this flour to poor African countries and underdeveloped nations. In fact, even now, our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is taking steps in this direction, and we will continue to provide support and assistance to these poor countries.

It’s important to note that what France is doing is not new. Their past practices in Algeria, Rwanda, Mali, and others are well-documented in world history, and the Africans are well aware of them. France has been involved in oppressive actions towards these countries. As a response to the injustices that have been committed for years, they have now entirely halted the export of gold and uranium to France.

We, on the other hand, continue to maintain positive relations with these countries and work towards sustaining our support for them.”

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