Halkbank case in the United States concluded


Halkbank announced the latest development in the civil lawsuit filed against the Bank by a group of plaintiffs in the US on the public disclosure platform.

Halkbank announced that the civil lawsuit filed on March 27, 2020 was settled.

In the statement published on the platform, the Bank said the following.

“As it is known, the first civil lawsuit (Owens lawsuit) filed against our Bank by a group of plaintiffs in the US on March 27, 2020 was dismissed first by the US District Court for the Southern District of New York (District Court) and then by the Second Department of the United States Court of Appeals (Second Court of Appeals) on the grounds of jurisdictional impropriety, and subsequently, the plaintiffs filed an application on August 30, 2023 to appeal before the US Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court considered the appeal on January 5, 2024 and issued its decision on January 8, 2024 rejecting the claimants’ request. Accordingly, the Owens lawsuit filed against our Bank on March 27, 2020 was finally dismissed. We wish the decision to be beneficial to our Bank, our investors, our customers and our employees.

On the other hand, the legal processes regarding the second civil lawsuit (Hughes lawsuit) filed on July 26, 2023 and the criminal lawsuit dated October 15, 2019 are ongoing.

We would like to inform the public and investors.”

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