Hidropar announces new business connection


Hidropar Hareket Kontrol Teknolojileri Merkezi A.Ş. announced that its project with the acronym TWIN-IT-ROMANS has been awarded support by the European Commission.

The statement made by the company on KAP is as follows; “We have been informed that our company’s project “Twinning IZTECH in Robotics Manufacturing Systems”, TWIN-IT-ROMANS acronym project, which has applied as a project partner for the call “HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ACCESS-02-01”, one of the 2023 calls under the Twinning calls of the Horizon Europe Program’s 2023-2024 Work Program, which focuses on improving the science and technology capacity and research profile of research institutions in “Widening” countries, has been awarded by the European Commission.

There were 7 organizations in the consortium of the project, of which we are a project partner, and the total budget of the project was realized as 1.495.444.04 €, with a total budget of 125.000,00 € that HKTM was entitled to receive. The main objective of the TWIN-IT-ROMANS project is to develop Turkey’s capacity of excellence in the field of robotic manufacturing by matching Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), one of the leading institutes in Turkey, and its researchers with international leading colleagues at EU level.
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