İşbank CEO Hakan Aran: This interest rate level is enough for foreigners

Hakan Aran

İşbank General Manager Hakan Aran said, “The current interest rate level is sufficient for foreign investors to come to Turkey. I think the 42.5 level is an ideal level for this,” he said.

“According to what we understand from this week, the Central Bank may take a step of 2.5 points, but I believe that the current level is the point where foreign investors will buy this country’s 2-5-year papers,” Aran said, adding, “For the first time in three years, I am not pessimistic about the issues that are within our sphere of influence. I am positive about the future. I am also positive about the future of finance.”

Aran spoke at the 3rd Future of Finance Summit held in Istanbul yesterday.

Underlining the point reached in the policy rate, Hakan Aran said, “When monetary tightening, quantitative tightening and incentive policy are included, we are at a point that needs to be carried out sensitively in terms of both the real sector and production. It has come to a point where attention should be paid in terms of access to finance.” “The current level shows that we need to manage the risks carefully in the coming period, and that we are in a period when some things need to be done by discussing, talking and consulting,” said Aran and continued as follows: “If we lose the delicate balance again with an “I did it, I did it” approach, if the real sector becomes unable to overcome financing costs and loses its productivity and profitability, we may suddenly face a receivables problem in the sector. In the areas of production that we prioritize, I currently find the risks at a manageable level.”

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