Limak Group of Companies Plans to Publicly Offer Limak Energy in 2024

Limak Energy

Nihat Özdemir, Honorary President of Limak Group of Companies, said, “As Limak Group of Companies, we are planning to offer Limak Energy to the public in 2024.

Nihat Özdemir said that as Limak, they proceed with a strategy based on growth, that construction is one of their main sectors, that they also work in energy, cement, tourism and food groups and that they continue their investments continuously.

Stating that they continue to grow in the cement sector, Özdemir said, “We have always continued to grow in the energy group. In construction, we have done business in nearly 18 countries and we continue to do so. Starting from Spain, our group has done and continues to do business in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and many places in Africa. They are doing very important work in Saudi Arabia. We are also trying to get a share from here. We have received a few projects and we will continue. As a Turkish company, we will continue to do business in Europe, Africa, and Asia.”

We are also planning to publicly offer Limak renewable energy

Noting that at the end of the first quarter of 2024, they are planning to offer some important companies of the Limak group to the public, Özdemir said, “We are currently working on that. Very important studies are being carried out both at the CMB and Borsa Istanbul. Our team has started the works right now. We are planning to offer Limak renewable energy to the public in the near future.”

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