Turkish Treasury posted a deficit of 197 billion TL in December

Turkish Treasury

The Ministry of Treasury and Finance published the ‘Treasury cash realizations’ data for December 2023.

Accordingly, the cash deficit was 197 billion TL in December and 625.5 billion TL in 2023. Cash deficit in 2023 increased 2.7 times compared to last year.

The cash deficit was 108.3 billion TL in December last year and 169.4 billion TL throughout the year.

The Treasury’s interest payments, which were 287.2 billion TRY in 2022, nearly doubled to 564.9 billion TRY in 2023.

The primary deficit was 168.8 billion TRY in December and 71 billion TRY in 2023.

In 2023, the Treasury realized a net borrowing of 823.5 billion TL.

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