Agrotech enters tender in UAE with BYCHAT


Agrotech has been selected to participate in the Turkish Business Council organization in the United Arab Emirates with BYCHAT.

The following information was shared in the statement made by the company.

“BYCHAT, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic correspondence-based new generation E-Commerce Community Management product BYCHAT, which is a new generation E-Commerce Community Management product based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic correspondence, which is detailed in the definitive prospectus submitted by GRİD TEKNOLOJİ LTD., which is a 90% subsidiary of our company, during the public offering process, feasibility (test and demo) studies for the Turkish Business Council (TBC), one of the well-established organizations of the United Arab Emirates, to serve more than 2000 members and companies, have resulted positively, and it has been reported that our company has been shortlisted in this tender by bidding on the tender held afterwards.

The results of the tender are expected to be announced in approximately 30 days. “

And won the tender

In its latest statement, Agrotech announced that its subsidiary GRID TEKNOLOJİ LTD won the tender.

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