Public offering size of Limak Doğu Anadolu Çimento reached 2.53 billion TL

Limak Doğu Anadolu Çimento

Public offering results of Limak Doğu Anadolu Çimento have been published.

The public offering size of Limak Doğu Anadolu Çimento, which was offered to the public on February 14-16 through fixed price demand collection method, has reached 2.53 billion TL.

According to the statement made by Halk Yatırım to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), shares with a nominal value of 155.93 million TL were sold at a unit price of 16.20 TL in the public offering.

In the public offering; Domestic Individual Investors received approximately 2.02 times the final allocation amount, Domestic Institutional

Investors demanded approximately 10 times more.

No investor bought more than 5 percent of the shares in the public offering.

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