Announcement: season 1 of Diablo IV is coming!

Announcement-season 1 of Diablo IV is coming

Blizzard shared informations about Diablo 4 new season “Season of the Malignant”, and update date. You can find all informations that Blizzard shared in this article.

A character named “Cormand” is coming!

Players will try to stop the spread of Malignant after the events with a new character named Cormand.

The season will feature a general threat called “Malignant Monsters” and players will be able to use new Malignant powers to defeat these dangerous monsters.

New Bosses, legendary items will be available in the game

As extra, new bosses and legendary items will be adding into the game with new update.

The new “Season Journey”, on the other hand, will offer a series of objectives that can be completed to earn rewards.

Blizzard also announced Diablo IV will growing in the coming years and besides the “Season of the Malignant” more seasons will come.

Season 1 will realase in 20 July 2023

All bosses, legendry items and new character will relase in 20 July 2023.

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