Astor Enerji signed a business agreement worth 501 million dollars in 2023

Astor energy

According to Astor Enerji’s PDP disclosures, the total amount of announcements related to new business relations in 2023 was reported as 501 million 285 thousand 482 USD.

While orders worth 246 million 732 thousand 482 dollars were received from the domestic market, new business agreements amounting to 254 million 552 thousand 922 dollars were made with customers located abroad.

Close to turnover target

Olcay Doğan, Deputy General Manager – CFO of ASTOR Enerji A.Ş., commented on the company’s 2023 turnover target: “The target we have set for our 2023 turnover is 540 million USD. By working on this target throughout the year, we aimed to increase our company’s revenue and continue to grow.”

‘We have a strong market share’

Doğan continued his words as follows: “The new business relationship announcements made through PDP cover orders of certain size and characteristics, and not all orders are announced. This table shows that Astor Enerji has a strong customer portfolio and a strong market share in Turkey and abroad. Our company has made production planning by filling its orders for 2024 as well as 2023.

Although not all of the PDP announcements will be reflected in the 2023 revenue, the fullness in the order stock and the uninterrupted R&D-oriented sustainability investments and gradual increases in capacity were the leading indicators that the 2023 revenue target of 540 Million USD would be exceeded.

Sales to 90 countries

Likewise, in the overseas market, which constitutes 51 percent of the PDP announcements, the company continues to enter new markets with new products while reinforcing its strength in existing markets.

The new business agreement announcements that Astor Enerji shared with the public in 2023 included both public and private sector companies doing important work in the energy sector of our country in Turkey, while new and strengthened business relationships were established with public and private sector companies abroad, especially in countries such as Ukraine, Germany, England, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Lithuania.”

Source: Dunya

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