The claim that personal data of everyone in Turkey has been leaked online

Turkish e-Government

Millions of people’s personal information, including Turkish identification numbers and property ownership records, has been leaked from the e-Government platform in Turkey.

A new “data breach” scandal has emerged in Turkey. The allegation that the personal information of 85 million citizens from the e-Government portal is being sold for a fee on a website called S****.live and some Telegram groups has become a trending topic on social media.

According to reports, an internet site has exposed the names of individuals, along with their Turkish Republic identification information, phone numbers, and addresses, which can be easily accessed through free membership. Additionally, it is claimed that property records and other sensitive information can be obtained through paid memberships.

It has been reported that the said website had a total of 5,195 users.

Füsun Sarp Nebil, an IT expert and T24 columnist, highlighted the significance of personal data during a live broadcast on Halk TV. She stated, “Personal data is of utmost importance, as it can be used for various purposes. This kind of information is commonly exploited by phone scammers.”

The exposure of personal information on such a scale is deeply concerning. It increases the risk of identity theft, fraud, and other malicious activities. It is essential for individuals affected by this breach to take immediate steps to protect their personal information and remain vigilant against potential scams and fraudulent activities.


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