Turkcell issued a statement regarding the sale of its Ukrainian assets


Turkcell made a statement on the public disclosure platform upon certain news regarding the sale process of its subsidiaries lifecell LLC, LLC Global Bilgi and LLC Ukrtower operating in Ukraine.

Turkcell’s statement is as follows;

“In certain media channels, there have been some news regarding the sale process of lifecell LLC, LLC Global Bilgi, and LLC Ukrtower, which are Turkcell’s subsidiaries operating in Ukraine. The process is expected to be completed after obtaining the regulatory approvals. The enterprise value to be taken into account at the closing date for the respective sale transaction is USD 525 million, and the final sale value will be determined within the framework of adjustments to be made including cash and debts after the closing.

Due to the uncertainty involved in the sale value as of the decision date, the disclosure of the respective information was postponed by the Board of Directors’ decision dated December 20, 2023, as per the Article-6 of the Capital Markets Board’s Communiqué on Material Events Disclosure, as it may impact the investors’ investment decision and share value.”

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